Empowering Communities through Real Estate Development

St. John CDC is dedicated to transforming communities through our Real Estate Development initiatives. Our commitment to affordable housing, regional partnerships, community preservation, and sustainable development forms the foundation of our mission. Discover how we shape vibrant, inclusive, and eco-conscious communities that provide safe and affordable housing opportunities.

Real Estate Development Initiatives

Affordable Housing Development

Creating Quality, Safe Homes

St. John CDC has one core vision – developing affordable, program-enriched housing for low-income families, seniors, and those with special needs. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality, safe housing, regardless of their economic resources. Our unwavering commitment to dynamic partnerships, creative vision, and extensive community planning ensures that every St. John’s CDC Housing community we build embodies these values.

Regional Partnerships

Uniting for Affordable Housing

As a nonprofit affordable housing developer, St. John CDC joins forces with regional public, private, and government partners. Our goal is to provide affordable housing solutions for all low- and moderate-income populations. From families to seniors and individuals with special needs, we offer a full spectrum of affordable housing, including supportive housing for low income earners, transitional housing, and permanent rentals. Together with our partners, we integrate the best affordable housing development practices to create thriving communities.

Community Preservation

Preserving Affordable Housing

St. John CDC understands the importance of preserving existing affordable housing. Many multifamily rental properties are at risk due to expiring public funding. By acquiring, refinancing, and enhancing these facilities, we ensure the long-term availability of affordable housing without the need for extensive new construction. Our commitment to preserving these vital housing resources strengthens our communities and bolsters our mission.

Sustainable Development

Stewarding Our Resources

To enhance our sustainability efforts, St. John CDC engages our development, construction, property management, asset management, and design teams. We implement various sustainable initiatives, including:

  1. Utility Baseline Project: Gathering benchmarking data for utility usage.
  2. Energy Audits: Identifying opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.
  3. Green Retrofit Funding: Utilizing federal funding to enhance sustainability.
  4. Sustainable Development Standards: Incorporating green standards into all new construction projects.

These initiatives not only benefit the environment but also provide residents with reduced energy costs and healthier indoor environments. St. John CDC is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our real estate development, ensuring a brighter and more eco-conscious future for our communities.

Join us in our mission to create affordable, sustainable, and inclusive communities where everyone can thrive.

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